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$10,000 Added to the 2019 ASR Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes Classes; Yearling Nominations Increase 9%

Representatives of the Virginia Horse Center and ASHAV sponsors have graciously pledged $10,000 ($5,000 per class) in added prize money for the 2019 ASR Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes classes, which will be held at the Virginia Horse Center during the 2019 ASHAV Fall show.  The $10,000 will be in addition to the payouts for the Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes. 

Yearlings (foaled in 2017) may be nominated to the 2019 Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes by September 15, 2018, for $125.

To date, yearling nominations for the 2019 Two-Year-Old Sweepstakes have increased 9% from 2017.

Nominated horses for the 2018 (foaled in 2015), 2019 (foaled in 2016), and 2020 (foaled in 2017) ASR Three-Year-Old Sweepstakes classes will show at the All American Horse Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

For information on ASR Prize Programs, please contact Patricia Edwards at 859.259.3899 or [email protected].

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