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Show Horse Alliance

The Show Horse Alliance board of directors voted to open its program to ALL saddle seat type horses due to requests to include other breeds but not limited to crossbreds re: Hackney, Saddlebred, Arabian, Andalusian, etc. The enrollment fee is $150.00 for all horses. The Show Horse Alliance Board of Directors feels that by opening up the program to any and all, whether it is a crossbred or purebred, it is now using SHA to openly promote Saddle Seat showing as a discipline. We hope by not having any blood restrictions we can now be considered the melting pot for the saddle seat type horse. Our intention is to become what the NRHA, is to the reining horses, and USDF is to dressage horses. SHA classes will be expanded in place of the all-breed and open classes at the National Show Horse Finals in 2008 to encourage participation. For more info contact the National Show Horse Registry at or Cindy Clinton at or 937-935-1753.


Show Horse Alliance


In recognition of the popularity of horse events based on type, or discipline of horse, the National Show Horse Registry has created the Show Horse Alliance (SHA) for owners, breeders, trainers, exhibitors and admirers of saddle seat type horses.

The purpose of the Show Horse Alliance is to promote the saddle seat English type horse by providing a showing venue and developing a prize money program.


The Show Horse Alliance offers saddle seat enthusiasts a program where emphasis is placed more on phenotype than on genotype. One of the Alliance’s goals is to encourage breeders to create an extreme saddle seat type of horse, free of blood content restrictions.


Owners of ALL BREEDS are encouraged to participate. Few restrictions have been placed on participation.


Eligibility - Show Horse Alliance (SHA) classes are open to horses that have been recorded with the Show Horse Alliance. (Refer to SHA enrollment and eligibility rules)


Enrollment Eligibility - Program open to all saddle seat type horses.


Enrollment Fee: $150.00 - Horses eligible for National Show Horse registration must be registered with the National Show Horse Registry prior to enrollment in the Show Horse Alliance.


Description - Show Horse Alliance horses are first and foremost saddle seat show horses with emphasis placed on conformation, action and attributes most easily recognized and associated with high trotting animated horses possessing upright carriage, brilliance, quality and show ring presence and finish as the Saddle Seat Standard.


The Show Horse Alliance horse should represent an ideal saddle seat type horse.

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