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Reminder for 2008 KSF WCHS Pleasure/Park Qualifying

As announced previously, beginning in 2008, all horses in the American Saddlebred Show Pleasure, American Saddlebred Country Pleasure, and American Saddlebred Park will be required to qualify to show at the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show.


As a reminder to show management, shows must be in the ASHA competition database before results can be submitted and for a show’s results to count toward WCHS qualification. The following excerpt further explains the process:


All American Saddlebred horses competing in any horse show listed on the ASHA’s database, regardless of whether such show is a USEF licensed competition, will be eligible for consideration. In order for a non-recognized show to be listed on the ASHA’s database, the manager, chairperson, or a representative of that show must notify the ASHA as to the dates, location, and manager of the show before the show is to be held. The secretary or the manager of said show is responsible for sending in the results to the ASHA within ten (10) days after the show and by the closing date of the qualifying period. Results will not be accepted (regardless of the postmark or meter date) by the ASHA that are received in the office after the closing date of the qualifying period.


The complete rules and qualifying requirements can be found by clicking here. For further information, contact Cheryl LaVorgna, Registry Associate/Competitions, (859) 259-2742, Ext. 336, or e-mail

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