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Letter to the Editor



My name is Amber Grant. My mom is helping me write this letter. Last year I started riding in Exceptional Challenge classes at horse shows held by the Florida Morgan Horse Association. I love horses and they have changed my life. I have disabilities that do not allow me to do the same things that other kids my age can do. Being able to ride has given me the confidence to know that I don’t have to be just like them. The Exceptional Challenge classes are for riders with disabilities, so we can compete with others who have disabilities.


By placing high in those classes I qualified and was invited to compete in the National UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup Finals held at the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo. I was very disappointed last year when I found I could not go because we could not afford the expense. The show is a weeklong event and I have to be able to pay for the plane tickets and the cost of hotel accommodations and meals.


This year I have again qualified to compete in the national event and I would like to ask for your support. I have been able to obtain transportation, donated by UPHA, for Dixie (Savenac’s Dixianna) who is the Morgan horse I have been riding when competing. She is a wonderful horse who seems to understand my limitations and is very patient and cooperative. She is owned by Joao Fernandes and Claudio Moreira. I am so grateful that they will let me take her if I am able to compete in Kansas City. I also want to thank Tom Johnson at Arboria Morgans who has helped me learn to ride. He has been able to develop ways for me to understand what I need to do while riding.


I also have other reasons for wanting to do this. I am a full time exceptional education student in high school. The other kids in my class love to see pictures and videos of what I have been able to do riding horses and they see the opportunities available to them. Some of them have already begun riding at Harmony Farms, Horses for the Handicapped, which is in our area.


If you would like to help me get to the national UPHA Exceptional Challenge Cup, please send your donation to:


Amber Grant

C/O Erica Heck

509 Cross Creek Circle

Sebastian, FL 32958


Thank you so much for your support.

Amber Grant

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