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Dayton Horse Show News

The Dayton Horse Show Association held its annual meeting Nov. 11, 2007.

The dinner meeting was held at Dinwiddies Family Restaurant in Bellbrook, Ohio complete with dinner and cash bar. 


Five new members were elected to the Board of Directors for a three-year term.   They include Noreen Kennedy, Julia Maxton, Carrie Kuhbander-Grooms, Jennie Pitner, and Tim Doll.  Additional members include newly elected president, Phil Price; Wade Flory, vice-president; Phil Singleton, treasurer; and Cindy Neibel, secretary.  


Phyllis Heck, Evette Moody, Patti Shawen, Steve Crane, Jane Brown and Therapeutic Riding Institute representative Nancy Burnette rounded out the Board of Directors. 


The Dayton Horse Show also announced its dates for their 2008 horse show.  Chosen dates are July 30 through Aug. 2.


This year’s show will continue its tradition with the show being held at the Montgomery County Fairground, Dayton, Ohio. 


Evette Moody will once again helm the show manager duty.  The show will benefit the Therapeutic Riding Institute.  This worthwhile program is held at Beechwood Farm owned by Jeff and Cheryl Whitesell who generously donate their nice facility.


Phil Price, the new board president, along with his committees, plan for the 2008 rendition of the horse show to be the beginning of something even better.

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