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Connecticut Morgan Symposium

The topic for this year's Connecticut Morgan Symposium, generously sponsored by the Brown/Klein family, is "a frank and no holds barred exploration of the most debated issues in the Morgan world today." The symposium will be moderated by AMHA President Mike Goebig. Panelists, representing a diversity of viewpoints, include Steve Davis, Jeff Morse, Harry Sebring and Mary Jean Vasiloff. Some of the questions proposed for the session promise to make for a lively discussion. Questions such as: "Who wants a Morgan horse and why? What attracts the newcomer to the Morgan breed? Who are we? Show horse and sport horse people need to support each other. Does the Morgan breed run the risk of being divided by type?"


Breakfast will be served and all are invited to attend, Saturday, June 9, 9 a.m. to noon at the CT Morgan Horse Show in West Springfield, Mass.

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