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ASR Prize Programs’ Payouts Increase Across the Board in 2007

Lexington, Ky. ­– Each of the American Saddlebred Registry’s Prize Programs increased its payouts in 2007 over what was distributed in 2006. Additionally, state futurities were up overall with nearly $800,000 in prize money awarded this year.


The most encouraging increase came in the ASR Grand National program, in which $85,025 was awarded in 2007 vs. $66,300 in 2006 – an increase of 28.24 percent.


The next highest spike was 15.39 percent more awarded this year in the ASR Sweepstakes: $199,424 paid out in 2007 vs. $172,822 in 2006.


ASR Futurities, which include the Kentucky, Kentucky Amateur and National Futurities, combined for a total payout of $272,664 this year – up 8.72 percent over the $250,788 total payout of 2006.


State futurities, not including the ASR Futurities, were up 7.71 percent over last year, awarding $792,615 in 2007 vs. $735,900 in 2006. Together, ASR and state futurities awarded over one million dollars this year – a combined total payout of $1,065,279 compared to $986,688 in 2006 – an increase of 7.97 percent.


The grand total payout of all prize programs – ASR and state futurities, Grand National and Sweepstakes – was $1,622,392, which is 9.87 percent more than the 2006 grand total of $1,476,598.


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