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ASB Western Country Pleasure Points


Lexington, Ky. ­– Western Country Pleasure qualifying points standings as well as a current listing of qualifying competitions are now updated weekly on the Association’s Web site at the following link:  The Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show will once again host the Western Country Pleasure Invitational in 2007.  Only one significant change has been made to the qualifying process for 2007.


Previously, two sections comprised the qualifying period wherein the top eight horses from each of the two qualifying sections were invited.  The process now combines the two sections into one qualifying period from which the top 16 horses will be invited.  The qualifying period began on July 3, 2006 and will end on July 2, 2007.  The points earned in all western classes, with the exception of the working class, count toward determining the eligible entries.  Alternates will be selected to replace any of the top 16 horses opting not to participate.  Points will not be awarded for placing in the Western Country Pleasure Invitational qualifying class or championship at the 2006 Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show.  ASHA tabulates the points and the eligible list, which is updated each Friday, is posted on its Web site. 


For more information on the Western Country Pleasure Invitational, including rules and regulations, visit  Please direct inquiries to Cheryl LaVorgna at or (859) 259-2742 ext. 336.



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