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Accident at Louisville - Update

In what has become a year of tragic show ring accidents, Monday evening’s World’s Championship Horse Show session was the site of the latest tragedy. In the Ladies Fine Harness class, Celtic Storm got away from his driver and hit the rail at the in-gate end of the ring at full-speed. Announcer Peter Fenton quickly got all other exhibitors to the center of the ring preventing any further damage.


Horsemen and ringmasters quickly got to the downed horse. The driver, Karen Blankenship Shumate, escaped injury. However, the horse had to be heavily sedated and loaded onto the horse ambulance which was brought into the ring. With show veterinarians quickly on hand as well, the best possible care was given, and it was announced he would be taken to a local clinic for further evaluation.


The remaining horses were unhooked in the ring and led back to their barns. A few minutes later the results of the class were announced and Fenton told the audience that Lady Vol and Chris Kaplan would be invited back to the ring on Tuesday night for a presentation and victory pass. After another few minutes of delay to repair the rail, the show continued with many in attendance visibly shaken by what they had witnessed.

Editor's note: We are saddened to report that Celtic Storm was euthanized.

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